With labiaplasty, you can keep your health

The overall look and structure of the vagina can differ greatly from one woman to the next. Moreover, various life events such as childbirth and normal wear and tear can have a significant impact on its appearance. Women with uneven or excessively large labia often suffer from diminished self-confidence, physical discomfort, embarrassment, and a host of other issues. In addition, the problems of largeness and deformity of the lobes of the vagina lead to accumulation of bacteria and infections and bad smell in the person’s genital area. Fortunately, labiaplasty is a short, simple, and relatively low-risk procedure that can resolve all of these things.

What are the symptoms of labial hypertrophy?

Everyone has different facial features, body types, and coloring. There are also differences in female external genitalia, known as the vulva. The term “labial hypertrophy” is used to describe the asymmetry and the large size of the small lips that may even be larger than the large labial. The signs and symptoms of labial hypertrophy include:

  • Health problems: Due to the large size of the labial and increased sensitivity and pain in this area, it can not completely clean skin layers and hygiene. Consequently, due to the accumulation of sweat and secretions, bacteria and germs accumulate and eventually increase the risk of infection and fungus in the individual.
  • Pain and discomfort: Enlarged labia can hurt during physical activities, especially those that put pressure on the genital area. A few examples are horseback riding and bike riding. Pain and discomfort can also occur during sexual foreplay or intercourse.
  • Irritation: Long labia can rub on your underwear. Prolonged friction can lead to rough, irritated skin that’s very sensitive.

Treatment of labial hypertrophy

When labial hypertrophy isn’t causing a problem, you don’t need treatment. It’s not harmful to your overall health. If labial hypertrophy interferes with your life and your ability to enjoy physical activities or sexual relations. You can do a labiaplasty surgery to get rid of these problems under the supervision of your doctor. This operation is a kind of cosmetic surgery to reduce and deform, and to improve the appearance of the inner lobe of the vagina, which is removed through local anesthetic of the lobe extra tissue.



Five Benefits of Labiaplasty



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