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Vaginal relaxation syndrome is an ailment which afflicts in particular women after childbirths, especially those multiple ones. This ailment may also occur during menopause period. Theoretically it affects women in every age. Other causes of vaginal injury include hysterectomy and other pelvic surgery. These risk factors are much less significant and we rarely see women with VRS whom have not had at least one vaginal delivery.
For many women vaginal relaxation syndrome constitutes an important problem during intimate contacts, which usually leads to decrease or loss of sexual gratification. Even with regular exercise, including Kegal exercise, vaginal tone may not improve.
A “vaginal rejuvenation” is a non-reconstructive vaginoplasty that restores the muscle tone and desired aesthetic of the vagina, by removing external tissues and tightening the supportive structures of the vulvovaginal complex, in an effort either to reduce or to reverse the effects of aging and parturition (childbearing). Laser vaginoplasty is novel and Non-invasive method with quick recovery and without pain and bleeding. Laser only affect surface area and doesn’t harm other tissues.Also, the new laser vaginal rejuvenation session is too short compare other methods. Laser Vaginal between the ages of 30 and 55 is the best time. Vaginal rejuvenation include:

  • Laser Vaginal tightening: Tightening effect it is persistent for two years. This procedure is outpatient and don’t require post-operative care. Patient shouldn’t intercourse in one week after surgery.
  • Labiaplasty: Labiaplasty is a vaginoplastic surgery technique for reducing the size the genital labia. Either the majora or the minora, which are any of the four folds of tissue of the vulva.
  • Lightening dark area: Dark and loosen genital areas, skin around the vulva and groin can be lighten more.

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