Painful intercourse Treatment by MonaLisa Touch

Though painful intercourse is not dangerous or life threatening, it can severely affect a woman’s sexuality and confidence, cause relationship problems, and reduce her quality of life overall. Painful intercourse is medically known as “dyspareunia”. Dyspareunia is pain that happens just before, during, or after sex. It is more common in women. Women can have pain at the vulva, the area around the opening of vagina or the pain can be inside the vagina or in the lower belly.
Conditions that cause long lasting pain in vulva, bladder or pelvis. These conditions include:

• Vaginal dryness- This can be caused by Perimenopause
• Menopause, Prolonged use of hormone contraception
• Anti-estrogen medication, a hysterectomy with the removal of ovaries, and so on
• Childbirth- Sex can be painful for several weeks or months after giving birth, or as long as breast feeding occurs
• Vulvodynia (pain in the vulva)
• Interstitial Cystitis (bladder pain and other symptoms)
• Chronic Pelvic Pain (under belly button area pain that lasts 6 months or longer)
• An infection in vagina or bladder
• Skin problems around the vagina
• A bad feeling about your partner or relationship, or a painful experience in the past can make sex hurt.
• Medical problems such as having endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc.

How can it be managed?

Treating pain that occurs during intercourse involves addressing the underlying cause. If ovarian cysts are to blame, for example, birth control pills or surgery to remove the cysts may lead to less sexual discomfort. Pain caused by a yeast infection is likely to resolve once you receive proper medication. If no physiological cause is determined, sex therapy may be helpful.
Over the years, pain during sex was typically treated with lubricants, vaginal moisturizers and hormonal treatments. There is now an innovative vaginal laser treatment known as MonaLisa Touch, which is designed to treat vaginal dryness and pain during sex. MonaLisa Touch is the ideal vaginal laser treatment for patients who are looking for a less invasive procedure compared to traditional surgical or pharmaceutical treatments. This painless in-office procedure uses a CO2 laser to help rejuvenate the vaginal cells in order to increase collagen production and restore vaginal health. Many women report immediate results following the first treatment, but three treatments each spaced 6 weeks apart is recommended.
MonaLisaTouch laser acts directly on the mucosa of the walls of the vagina to: tighten, reshape, tone, stimulate tissue, and regenerate collagen.
Treatment with the MonaLisa Touch will:

• Maintain the collagen content of the vaginal epithelium
• Maintain its thickness and elasticity
• Maintain optimal genital blood flow
• Maintain mucopolysaccharides and hyaluronic acid
• keep vaginal mucosa moist and healthy


Pain During Sex Treatment

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