Is vaginal darkness treated with MonaLisa Touch laser?

Treatment of vaginal darkness with laser

While the pressure to have lightened vulva isn’t new; but the use of lasers is a new approach. The main motive of the treatment is to diminish the darker layer of the vagina to find out the best possible results with no side-effect. Over the years, many of the bleaching methods have been used but no-one was fruitful or having a long-lasting impact. Chemical bleaching products or topical creams brought health consequences. Women who feel down with the dark genital skin would definitely like to avail the permanent solutions. Vaginal Skin is supposed to be more sensitive and applying chemical agents may create complications in the near future.

Laser vaginal bleaching is a process to lighten the skin on or around the vaginal area. This process can make your vaginal area to lighten by the laser treatment which is get rid of the dark pigmentation and stimulating the collagen and rejuvenate sensitive tissues that are growing old because of the aging process or hormonal disorders in other cases. The procedure is just 20-30 minutes. No pain and the results are visible after your first treatment.

Causes of vaginal darkness

Having darker genitals may lead the women to lose their self-confidence. Reasons can vary according to the region from which a woman belongs to. There can be various reasons for the vaginal darkness which are given below:

  • Hereditary Genes
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Post Delivery Marks
  • Aging
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Skin Chafing
  • consequence of various hair removal

Advantages of Laser Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure

  • No Cuts and Wounds
  • Completely Painless
  • No Recurrence
  • No Diet restrictions
  • Resume your work from next day
  • Minimally invasive
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Very less bleeding
  • Easy and comfortable post-operative recovery

Who Can Avail the Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment can be availed by any of the women but women having lupus, psoriasis, herpes or genital warts etc. may not avail the same. They need to have prior consultation with the cosmetic Gynecologist. This surgery is good for the women:

  • Having genetically predisposed darker skin
  • Women having difficulty in sexual arousal due to darker skin
  • Who are unsatisfied with the genital appearance and frustrated
  • Who have gone through the pregnancy, hormonal changes, stretching and aging causing discoloration

Treatment of vaginal darkness with Mona Lisa Touch laser

MonaLisa Touch uses advanced fractional CO2 laser technology to stimulate the regeneration of your vaginal tissue. The energy from the laser targets both the surface and deep tissue of your vaginal walls, which triggers the cells to generate new, healthier tissue and restore the vaginal mucosa. This procedure restores vaginal health quickly and painlessly with a minimally invasive laser treatment. It is recommended that the patient receive three sessions spaced at six-week intervals, with treatment taking less than 30 minutes. Some women even report noticeable changes after just one session with the MonaLisa Touch. There is no anesthesia required and no documented side effects.


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