Is labiaplasty aggravated the vaginal infection?

Vaginal infection

In the United States, vaginal infections are one of the most common reasons women see their doctor. Vaginal infections are caused by microorganisms, but women can take precautions, such as wearing loose, absorbent underwear, to reduce their risk of getting infections. Vaginal infections has different types: yeast infection, bacterial, trichomonas vaginitis, chlamydial infection and so on. Infections usually cause a discharge with itching, redness, and sometimes burning and soreness. Their treatment is done in a variety of ways and appropriately due to the causes of occurrence.


Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure done to reduce the size or shape of the Labia (Minora and Majora). The reasons for undergoing the surgery are various: fix a functional impairment and aesthetic reasons. The benefits of having the procedure done are numerous. Women who have the procedure done often feel more confident in their sexuality The confidence boost comes from the fact that the vaginal area is rejuvenated and made to look and feel like it did when a woman was younger.

Complications of labiaplasty

Like any surgery there are many risks to labiaplasty. All of these risks can be dangerous in their own right:

  • Vaginal infection: Like after any surgery that makes an incision, infection (vaginal infection) can occur, although it is very rare after labiaplasty. Doctors prescribe prophylactic (preventative) antibiotics. According to experts, bacterial infection has not been seen after labiaplasty. Some women are extremely sensitive to antibiotics and prone to yeast infections with a change in their local vaginal bacteria after antibiotics.
  • Bleeding: can lead to severe consequences including infection that could transfer to the blood leading to very serious complications.
  • Other risks: It is also possible that the procedure will cause nerve damage leading to chronic pain, a lessening of sensation, or an increase in sensation.

Benefits of laser Labiaplasty in reducing complications

Labiaplasty is done in two ways: cutting with a blade and laser. Procedures using lasers are naturally less risky as they can be completed under local anesthesia, because the Laser Labiaplasty incision seals and closes blood vessels as the incision is made there is minimal to no surgical bleeding. Therefore, due to the significant reduction in surgical complications (bleeding and infection as a result of it) in the Laser Labiaplasty is preferable to using a surgical blade.


Laser Labiaplasty, A Gentler Approach

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