Is it possible to tightening vagina by MonaLisa laser?

Most women experience vaginal delivery due to normal births or childbirth and other vaginal discharge problems, and for many women it reduces confidence in their sexual relationship with their spouse. But it is better to know that there is no worry because with the advancement of science and technology this problem can be treated.

Mona Lisa laser is a very powerful method for treating vaginal problems such as dryness, itching, discharge, atrophy and vaginal discharge, using the latest methods in the world. It is also a very safe, reliable, effective and non-reversible way to tightening the vagina. In fact, using a Mona Lisa laser can restore muscle and vaginal tissue. Vaginal tightening. In addition to reducing the risk of injury at your next birth, you can experience a more enjoyable sex by repairing and rejuvenating your vagina.

In the Mona Lisa procedure, the laser probe enters the vagina to perform the vaginal tightening. The inside of the vagina is like a long cylindrical canal, but the laser rays focus only on the vaginal tissue. The laser energy rebuilds the vaginal cells and by stimulating the cells, healthy cells are reproduced. Laser rays can also produce collagen and elastin, which are key components of healthy tissue. This allows the vaginal tissue to become tighter and to be more flexible.

During this operation the patient will feel no pain. But if you want to treat other areas of the vagina, such as labias, like the vaginal canal with a laser beam, the process will be a little more sensitive. The result of a vaginal tightening operation using a Mona Lisa laser after a few days of the first session is also clearly visible. But for a better and permanent conclusion, it is recommended to do at least three sessions of treatment



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