Does libido decrease after labiaplasty?

Many people assume that removing labial tissue will reduce sexual sensitivity. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Labiaplasty does not remove any nerves, concentrating more sensitivity in a smaller area. Even better, it reforms the labia in a way that improves sexual satisfaction. In the following, we will focus on the effects of labiaplasty on the quality of sexual intercourse.

Labiaplasty and Pleasure

Labiaplasty will reduce the size of labia and the clitoral hood, making the clitoris more exposed during sex. The clitoris will require less arousal to become prominent, making foreplay much more, well, to the point.

Proper exposure of the clitoris is the main reason to choose a qualified first-world surgeon for a labiaplasty. Using proper technique, a surgeon will avoid leaving any scar tissue around the clitoris, allowing for maximum pleasure.

Labiaplasty and Pain

Labiaplasty can also reduce or eliminate pain before and during intercourse. A common problem for labiaplasty patients is soreness while riding bikes, horses, or even just while wearing tight pants. This soreness reduces sexual desire and can develop into real pain during intercourse. A labiaplasty helps your delicate areas stay comfortable and painless. More importantly, a labiaplasty can fix trauma to the labia, especially trauma from childbirth. If sex started to hurt after childbirth, a labiaplasty could be a way to make it all pleasure and no pain once more.

Labiaplasty and Happiness

Sure, we all love the clitoris, but sex’s most important organ is the brain. Sex should make you feel beautiful, appreciated, wanted, served, and, above all, happy. If you feel self-conscious during sex, it may just make you feel bad about yourself. While there is nothing wrong with any labia, many women feel self-conscious about them. If you do not look the way you want, it may make you feel shy and inadequate instead of sexy and confident. For some women, low self-esteem not only makes sex worse, but also causes them to avoid sex, and can lead to low sexual desire. The goal of cosmetic surgery, in general, is to make patients feel completely at ease in their bodies. Labiaplasty can achieve this.


How A Labiaplasty Can Affect Your Sex Life

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