cervical erosion in young girls

Cervical erosion is related to the hormone called oestrogen and is common in young girls, during pregnancy and in women on the contraceptive pill. It should not be regarded as a sign of disease because it is frequently found in perfectly healthy women. Cervical erosion is a completely benign condition and it does not lead to cancer.

Hormonal changes can cause cervical ectropion. Over the course of the menstrual cycle, the body produces the sex hormone estrogen. Increased levels of estrogen cause the cervix to swell and open, and as a result, some glandular cells migrate to outside of the cervix. This cell change can cause the cervix to appear raw or inflamed.

Cervical ectropion (or erosion) is a harmless change where the thin layer of cells that normally line the inside of the cervical canal appears on the outside of the cervix. These cells are more fragile causing vaginal discharge or bleeding, especially with sexual intercourse.

This is clearly seen on colposcopy examination and treatment by diathermy (heat) may be offered if it is causing you a problem.  Cautery removes this layer of cells, allowing the cells normally on the outside to grow back.

Even With treatment the condition can return. It is particularly common in women who take the contraceptive pill and is rare in women after the menopause. In most cases cervical ectropion goes away on its own.





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