Azita Saffarzadeh Kermani, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Infertility and Laparoscopy Fellowship – France

Hospital : Erfan Hospital, Bakhshayesh St., Sa’adat Abad, Tehran.
Tel : (+9821) 22359153-4
Office : 3rd Floor, No. 52, Oliaie St., Gisha, Tehran.
Office Tel : (+9821) 88248485-6

Educational History

Supplementary Courses




Clinical Experiences

Working in training hospitals of France for 6 years;
Having experience in performing Ob/Gyn surgeries for 15 years

Administrative Experiences

Establishing Painless Labor Department in Sarem and Erfan Hospital;
Conducting consultation on Ob/Gyn and Laparoscopy

Teaching And Research Courses

Holding training courses for Ob/Gyn specialists at Erfan Hospital;
Doing research on less pain methods for C-section in France

Seminars and Congresses

Attending several national and international congresses and seminars on
infertility treatment, Ob/Gyn and pregnancy